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Fort Irwin National Training Center is a major training area for the United States Military and is a census-designated place located in the Mojave Desert in northern San Bernardino County, California. Fort Irwin is at an average elevation of 2454ft. It is located 37mi northeast of Barstow, in the Calico Mountains.The National Training Center is part of the US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM). The opposing force at the National Training Center (NTC) is the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, the Blackhorse Cavalry, who are stationed at the base to provide an opposing force to units on a training rotation at Fort Irwin.Fort Irwin works within the R-2508 Special Use Airspace Complex.The 2010 United States census reported Fort Irwin's population was 8,845.HistoryThe Fort Irwin area has a history dating back almost 15,000 years, when Native Americans of the Lake Mojave Period were believed to live in the area. Native American settlements and pioneer explorations in the area were first recorded when Father Francisco Garces, a Spaniard, traveled the Mohave Indian Trail with Mohave guides in 1776. During his travels, he noted several small bands of Indians and is believed to have been the first European to make contact with the Native Americans of this area.


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