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Founded in 2010, PhenomApps is the world's largest producer and distributor of small to medium sized business applications, delivering exposure to billions of people around the world. Through its mobile and online distribution platforms, PhenomApps has distributed more than 1.5 billion app downloads to customers in 150 countries from a growing catalogue of 100k + unique mobile apps. After successfully transitioning from a video game-centric to a mobile-centric company, PhenomApps has emerged as a top grossing mobile publisher worldwide with a portfolio that includes the #1 mobile ROI Estimator Utility, "Appculator app" & the "FREE LOCATION SCAN app". The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flint Labs Incorporated and is headquartered in Houston, TX, with regional offices in San Diego, CA & New York, NY.

Looking to create a cool mobile app which will help you improve the profitability of your business, or maybe you just need a personal app to showcase your work to your friends?

Phenom Apps is the best mobile app creator that provides you with all the help you need in order to create high quality, extraordinary, great looking applications right off the bat.

Phenom Apps was designed in order to guide you through the entire mobile app creation process very fast and with impressive results. You start with a drag and drop template which can then be customized in any way you deem necessary, all without any problem.

You are then free to add any type of business features that you want, such as food ordering systems, in-app purchases, loyalty programs or shopping carts as you see necessary!

You can start with a barebones app, and then add as many tabs as you want to depend on your needs. The app was created in such a way so that you can easily access a quick view of the tab you want to purchase, and you can even compare it with the others without a problem. With this feature, you can easily see how the app will turn out, and you can decide on the spot about the content you will include in it.

There’s a lot of customizability found within Phenom Apps, and you will be amazed how easy it is to make it cater to any industry.

This is a very good, high-quality utility that was specifically designed in order to make the mobile app creation simple and fun. It’s also portable, because this is also a mobile app as well, so you can easily create new mobile apps right via your phone, which is the ultimate development perk!

The best part about Phenom Apps is the fact that you don’t need any programming knowledge at all, instead, everything is designed with the help of templates.

It’s a very simple thing to do and you can easily get the hang of it without any problem!
Once your app is ready, you can easily publish it online directly from Phenom Apps, all without any extra purchase.

Phenom Apps offers you the ultimate, highest quality mobile app creation experience, so no matter if you want to create a personal app or one that will represent your business in the online world, this is the best development platform to use it. Don’t hesitate and download this app right now in order to take your development mechanics to the next level!

Dozens of templates to choose from
Add as many tabs as you need
Immense customization value
No programming knowledge required
Intuitive interface
Publish the app right after finishing it!

Phenom Apps is a top tier software development firm based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2011 we have developed over 50,000 applications for some of America's largest non profits. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America & The Lupus Foundation to name a few.

Office Locations: Houston, TX - Los Angeles - New York

Employees: 80

2016 Revenue: $5.1MM



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