SUP Calhoun

North Beach Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MN 55408
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SUP Calhoun is a Stand Up Paddle company dedicated to teaching people how to Paddle, getting a great workout on equipment for those who want a great day on the Minnesota lakes, learning how to paddle, and enjoying the peace of being out on the water.

SUP Calhoun has been around for the past 4 years and has grown organically through word of mouth with the exponential growth of the sport of Stand Up Paddling all over the Twin Cities area.

We at SUP Calhoun want to get more people in the know and on the water and experience a truly magical feel of almost walking on the water and experiencing our amazing lakes in a new way. Did we mention its also a great full body workout that helps improve your balance and strength!

Stand Up Paddle isn't the hardest sport in the world to learn by any means, if you can stand on one foot you can paddle. Paddling does however take a little practice and some instruction to learn how to do the right form for paddling, tips for balancing, and turning.

We provide boards for people all over the Twin Cities and are based in Minneapolis and love taking out groups, corporations, and anyone who wants to learn to paddle to our beautiful 10,000 lakes

Call, email, or post on this page when you would like to hit the water and we would love to get you out there!

Our instructors are all SUPers who love being out on the water and who love even more sharing that with others and getting them "stoked" about something new. Robbie our main instructor has been Paddling for the past four years after a trip to Hawaii made him fall in love with a sport where you can be on the water surfing, but that didn't require waves! Now after working in the snow/wind/wake-board industry for over 10 years, he is hoping to help bring this sport all over Minnesota from the cities to Up North, and to all 10,000 lakes.

We'd love to see you out on the water this summer and we'll be at the lakes so just look for our SUP Calhoun sign or set up a lesson/rental and we'll meet you at the lakes!


-The SUP Calhoun Team


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