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munoz nueva ecija, Muñoz, -NA- 3120
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Central Luzon State University is a state university on a 658-hectare campus in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It is the lead agency of the Muñoz Science Community and the seat of the Regional Research and Development Center in Central Luzon. To date, CLSU is one of the premiere institutions for agriculture in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia known for its research in aquaculture, ruminants, crops, orchard, and water management. It has also been placed between the sixth and the twenty-first spot for the most academically-excellent university in the country for various years, overwhelming most schools in Metro Manila. It has been placed in the 100 most significant schools in Asia numerous times as well.CLSU is the first comprehensive state university to undergo institutional accreditation. It is a declared Cultural Property of the Philippines with the code of PH-03-0027 due to its high historical, cultural, academical, and agricultural importance to the nation. It is one of the four 'Knowledge Eagle Universities of Nueva Ecija' and the most academically-excellent in all of Central Luzon. It is also listed as the second most beautiful school campus in the Philippines due to its expansive and rural-inspired landscapes and architectures, which focus on sustainability and ecological balance with modernism.HistoryCentral Luzon State University is in the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It started as a farm school and in 1907 became Central Luzon Agricultural School (CLAS) with the intention of promoting agriculture and mechanics arts. Later, it included the promotion of homemaking arts among its commitments.


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